Sarah SasoApr 22, '21

Artist Lonny Doherty

Spotlight on Award Winning Canadian Landscape Artist Lonny Doherty, Grey County Resident


Landscape Artist Lonny Doherty was born in Goderich, Ontario. He now lives and works out of his studio on a farm in Williamsford, Ontario.

Lonny believes that being connected to nature alleviates stress, promotes health and happiness and improves your life. Lonny believes that everyone needs ways to bring nature in their daily life.

Lonny takes inspiration from nature and his paintings reflect the vibrant colours and natural designs provided by the four distinct seasons in Canada. His Influences include Tom Thomson, Lawren Harris and Claude Monet.

Lonny says “Mother nature is the creator of the art; I am merely her interpreter. I think we humans have a primordial desire to be connect with nature. It is almost subliminal appreciation of the colours, shapes, textures and light effects that nature provides. I am careful to respect these organic patterns so the same appeal comes across on canvas. I work from both plein air sketches and photographs as well as notes. Light is often the subject of my paintings, the relationship between light and dark is of utmost importance.“

Lonny’s work shows a careful balance between subtlety and exaggeration, between brisk brush strokes and sharp delineation, with a peaceful appeal that speaks to our deep-seated desire to be close to nature.

Lonny’s 2001 Landscape, Warm Cloud Tangle, was ranked in the top ten of International Artist Magazine competition, from entrants around the world. (June/July 2002). In 2019, he was once again recognized by International Artist Magazine in the August /September 2019 issue, for his piece Taylor Creek.

Lonny is also notable for being a member of the acclaimed artist collective UNTAMED THINGS. The group recently exhibited pieces completed both “en plein air” and in studio which were inspired by four trips to Algonquin Park in 2016/2017 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Tom Thomson’s mysterious death.

In 2015 Lonny launched Lumiscapes™ by L. Doherty a series of unique art products based on his Landscape Paintings with a goal is for more people to bring nature into their interior lives. Lonny has created a line of functional home décor and fashion products based on images selected from his landscape paintings. These “Nature Inspired” items are ideal for providing a much-needed daily connection to nature.

“I just love living in Grey County” says Doherty, “I had a long list of must haves to move, and wasn’t just looking for good place to live - we were searching for a great place to be!  And we found it, in this GREYT county.“

You can learn more about this GREYT Grey County Resident Artist Lonny Doherty at LonnyDoherty.com