Sarah SasoAug 5, '21

Charlee Roy is the founder and creator of NakdBasics.

NakdBasics is all about getting back to using simple ingredients and encouraging self care. 
I formulate and create small batch plant based skin care and bath products. I use as much locally sourced ingredients as possible to create beautiful products such as facial serums, cleansers, body butters, body polishes, bath salts, bath bombs, and much more. I also offer a variety of crystals and have a Reflexology Practice in which I incorporate crystal and energy healing therapies.

All in all, I'm a small town wife and momma who has become passionate about using the natural herbs and ingredients that are all around us for healing as well as overall health, nutrition, spirituality, and crystals. I believe it is all about going back to the basics. The bare basics.  

WHY DO YOUR LOVE GREY COUNTY: I was born and raised here and have spent a great majority of my life outdoors. The hiking trails and views are incredible. We are surrounded by water and gorgeous sunsets. Grey County is easily one of the most beautiful places in Canada and I am GREYTful to call this my forever home.
A GREYT FACTS ABOUT CHARLEE: I started NakdBasics while in my third semester of nursing school to help pay for my tuition. I started it in my basement apartment with very little. I struggled with acne most of my teenage and adult life, and I wanted to offer products that would make a difference to individuals, as my products were working wonders for myself.
I am an RPN, Chartered Herbalist, Certified Aromatherapist, Certified Crystal Healer, Reiki Practitioner, Reflexology Practitioner and Instructor, and a proud mother of three year old twin boys
INSTA: @NakdBasics
FACEBOOK: NakdBasics